Three simple rules of personal finance.

Basic principles of personal financial planning are quite simple.  Success comes only with the establishment of habits. Man creates habits and habits create the future. If you do not  create good habits, then the bad will arise unconsciously.

Some aspects of personal finance can be quite complex. For example, planning a will or trust organization, the formation of an international portfolio of securities, taking into account taxes or the establishment of a charitable foundation.

There is still a problem the first step when it is difficult to take responsibility to overcome themselves. At this point, remember that there is a lot of money that all of these personal finance is very complicated, that no one with whom to consult. However, the basic principles of personal financial planning are quite simple.

Three simple rules of personal finance can be formulated as follows:

  1. Spend less than to earn

You get 3000 per month? Take 2500, and 500 set aside, saving. Even if this is a one-time parish. Got a little work a certain amount, do not spend all aside part. Not the most difficult principle.

  1. Do not take credit

Credit - a financial instrument that requires careful when choosing, be it mortgage, consumer and other types or just a credit card. Do not spend money with a credit card to buy things on the benefits that you regret that you do not even need. Credit - a well-planned exit from a difficult situation.

  1. Save and invest money
Let it be simply a bank account, participation in the program of co-financing of their pensions, an agreement with non-state pension fund or mutual fund investments. Here the main focus is to them not to spend. A unspent they should be put into action.

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