Economic crisis: give up gifts.

The best way to offend neighbor - do not give him a desired gift for New Year. The best way to stay a month or two without money - not to offend your neighbor. In the end, not in vain from sellers of January and February are the most miserable months: the public simply have no money left to buy anything except food.
The first rule of any man who feels the financial freedom - it is "always know how much money you will be tomorrow and a month (or three)." I have often repeated this principle for businesses (and in business consulting is the second thing, which I look): "cash flow is the king" - "the most important - is what is the source and where the money went, and in what proportion." Model life devices today thickly, and tomorrow is empty "perfectly familiar to most readers, but I sincerely do not envy people that give effect to this principle in practice. Personally, my choice (but I admit honestly: In this article I will not describe personal experience) - live smoothly, without upheavals and if she wants to please the family - to plan gifts.

Below I give examples that are applicable to Western life, but which, I believe, are applicable to life in any developed country:

-         If you have a pet, do not rush to give him a gift this holiday season. If you think this advice marasmus, believe that there are people whom I had just insulted. Animals love you regardless of the gifts: all such gifts are made by you for you the same. If you believe that your pet stopped loving you because of what you do not make him gifts, try to feed him and see the progress.

-         Children should not suffer - give them something. Adults may suffer. There is the notion of "mutual appreciation", requiring tear to shreds, but to give a gift.

-         Do not buy gifts on credit. The worst that can only buy food on credit (with no plans to repay debt). If you are forced to resort to credit, to please others, think twice (preferably three times, and it is better to freeze the credit card): it really worth it?

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