Figure 5000 of roubles in the end of 2009 named the main court enforcement officer of Moscow Ferdauis Jusupov. It is the minimum debt at which police officers can close border for the citizen. A unique exception — persons paying alimony. Concerning them the size of debts has no value. Another not so known, but too a measure meeting in practice — not to give out to the debtor who does not have the passports, this document — besides until the citizen will not pay off.

We have talked to workers УФССП and lawyers, have studied statutory acts on which basis police officers operate, and also have found out where to address to the capital inhabitant before a foreign trip, to learn, whether debts are registered behind it. To take preventive measures — a unique way to avoid unpleasant surprises on border. Because to prove the case at the moment of passage of the boundary control, alas, it is already impossible. No less than to pay off on a place.

Discrepancy of the address of a residence permit and actual — the main problem of debtors

Block border mainly to the people evading from payment of the alimony, individual businessmen with large debts under taxes and — a crisis consequence — to the borrowers who have not returned bank credits. Theoretically limit movement can also to the citizens who have not executed a judgement about eviction, a pulling down of illegal constructions, assignation (apartments, cars etc.), but such happens infrequently. To court enforcement officers employees of traffic police seldom enough address — as practice shows, penalties for infringement of rules can be registered for infringers without special for those consequences. And on the contrary, representatives of housing and communal services love police officers — they in large quantities transfer those the debtors. Already there are precedents when for not paid utilities officials described personal property of citizens — TVs, DVD-players etc. Restriction of movement of the debtor in this case also is applied.

Let's tell more in detail about what situation precedes an interdiction for departure. After court (and at some administrative penalties and without it) взыскатель have the right to address in service of court enforcement officers. Further the police officer-executor directs to the debtor the decision about excitation of executive manufacture and suggests to pay off voluntary in the designated term. According to point 12 of article 30 of the Federal law from October, 2nd, 2007 № 229-FZ «About executive manufacture», such term cannot exceed five calendar days from that day as the citizen has received the decision.

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