Way without risk to occupy or borrow money

Receiving money or lending them, we seldom recollect that it is necessary to make the voucher of money resources, and in vain: this document can protect us in court. From article you learn, when the receipt and as it should look is necessary.

When the receipt is necessary

The receipt use more often, when there is a transfer of money between citizens. We will tell, money is given on credit or the payment for demountable apartment is brought.

Thus, if the sum under the transaction exceeds 1000 rbl. the receipt is obligatory under the law (item 161 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation).

To neglect the receipt it is not necessary. After all it is the document having a validity, that is with its help it is possible to defend the rights in court.

Whether it is necessary to assure the receipt at the notary

The receipt does not require notarial assurance. However it is better to make secure: there are situations when the unfair participant of the transaction asserts that on the document not its signature. In case of proceeding notarially certified receipt completely will exclude all claims of the debtor. One more way to prove authenticity of the receipt — signatures of two witnesses of the transaction.

If the receipt is not assured нотариусоми of it there are no signatures of witnesses, and the debtor insists on a fake of its signature, this question will be solved почерковедческая by examination.

How correctly to make the receipt

The civil code of the Russian Federation does not demand that - the voucher of money would have any certain form. Therefore to make this document it is possible any way. The main thing to specify the reason of transfer of money, the size of the transferred sum, nameplate data and the information on actual residing of participants of the transaction. Certainly, in the document should stand date and signatures of the parties. Besides, at the receipt sometimes there is a phrase that the parties have no claims to each other (the sample of the voucher of money resources we have resulted more low).

In addition it is possible to include any information necessary to you in the receipt. For example, if it is a question of apartment hiring, in the document the inventory of things being there, their approximate cost and the sum which the tenant will be obliged to compensate in case of breakage or disappearance can be resulted. If you bring an advance payment to a repair brigade, it is necessary to register accurately, on what (for example, this money should be spent for purchase of a parquet board or a tile).

If you lend money

In the receipt it is necessary to specify, when the debtor undertakes to return money and what sanctions threaten it for delay. Usually such receipt is made in one copy and remains at the creditor.

If you wish to provide any special conditions of transfer or the refund it is possible to make the loan contract. In it the sum of a loan and term to which money resources are transferred should be necessarily specified. The loan contract is made in duplicate, on one for the creditor and the borrower. However even in the presence of the contract transfer of money all the same should be issued the receipt. She will confirm that the debtor has really received from you the sum specified in the contract.

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