Before taking the credit

You have decided to take the credit? Before going to bank, try to consider two following moments properly:
The first
Ask itself a question: whether it is valid to you this credit is necessary?
Payment of debts – expensive pleasure which "eats" a part of your income. It would be much more useful to invest this part that it worked on your future.
If need for the credit all the same remains, try, that its sum was as less as possible. For example, define: whether really you require purchase of the new car each two years, or the qualitative second-hand car you can quite arrange?

The second
Whether all of you have considered alternative variants? If you have cash savings, whether it will be more useful to take advantage of them? The percent which you will not earn on the savings, can be much more below what you should pay for the credit sum. Perhaps, there is a sense to postpone purchase for some months and in this time to save more money?
If you plan to "take out" money from the pension scheme (that we do not advise you to do), remember that possibilities fill up this account at you can not to be that will negatively affect your pension.
One more variant – addition of your mortgage which will have most likely lower interest rate. Or you can take advantage of every possible hypothecary credits which will allow you to take in addition regular credits for other acquisitions.
If such credits in your city exist, attentively familiarise with their conditions. If you decide to deal with the hypothecary credit, remember that you should be very cautious with regular payments as you threaten your habitation.

Addition to the hypothecary credit has one negative side – you will pay the credit longer. And after all one of golden rules of credits – the faster it you pay, the better.
You also can take the credit through the employer if such possibility is available. As a rule, similar credits have lower interest rates, especially if you work in the financial industry. Only keep in mind: it is necessary to you рефинансировать this credit if you change work.
At last, many people address to the relatives and friends. Frequently thus it is possible to obtain the interest-free credit. But what happens, if you cannot do payment? Think very well before on it to dare.
If you take a short-term loan, you also can take advantage bank  or even of a credit card with the low interest rate which it will be necessary to pay as soon as possible.

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