How to choose the reliable insurer?

Often enough listeners of my seminars ask - and how me to choose the reliable insurer? Agree that in this point in question reliability very much and is very important. After all the help of the insurer requires in case in a life there was a trouble. Therefore for us reliability of the company in which we are insured is extremely important. To your attention in this release of dispatch allow to present article from a hot of magazine "õ¿¡á¡ß" which will help you with a choice of the reliable insurance company.

Today in the market more than 900 insurers. But it is far not everyone opens the information on. To Contact "the coded" companies dangerously. To publicity to the insurer gives placing on own site of the general data on (the given out licences, structure of shareholders and affiliated persons, management), financial indicators, and also participation in various ratings. The financial indicators presented in a rating "ö", allow (though and not to the full) to estimate business of the insurance companies.

Stability. It is desirable, that size of actives of the insurance company, its reserves and own means showed a gain. It testifies that business of the insurer grows, and it develops. It makes sense to pay attention and to absolute values. As analysts АКГ "Financial examination" mark, "if the size of actives of the insurer is less than 200 million roubles, it is necessary to reflect on its reliability. If actives do not exceed 50 million roubles, in general it is better to it not to trust the protection".
The net profit indicator is more actual for investors, it is not so eloquent, so far as concerns reliability of the insurer. The past year has appeared for many companies not such profitable, as 2005. According to head Rosstrahnadzora Ili Lomakin-Rumjantseva, "it is connected in many respects with reduction in portfolios of the companies of financial schemes which are more profitable, rather than classical insurance".

Investments. The western insurance companies cover losses and earn to itself on a life, actively being engaged in investment activity. In Russia the investment income of many insurers does not exceed an inflation indicator. Meanwhile, as the leading expert of department of insurance of Research financial institutions of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Jury Spletuhov marks, "investment investments of insurers directly depend on a position of founders which can to demand, for example, that means settled on accounts of related bank to the detriment of profit of the insurance company. Or to put up money in long-term assets - then the company cannot quickly pay off under the obligations".

Liquidity. The factor of instant liquidity at the companies participating in a rating, fluctuates in a range from 0,1 to 105,5. However, this indicator not to the full reflects ability of the operator of the market quickly to pay off under the obligations. Such is specificity of business. According to Ili Lomakin-Rumjantseva, the company on accounts should not have many money - after all at insurers not such great volume of urgent obligations. "Surplus of money resources suggests that the company at the moment of accounting date transformed the long-term assets into means for accounts", - the head of supervising department speaks.
Level of payments. Some companies neglect the obligations: try to minimise payments or search for occasions to refusal in them. Indirectly the parity of payments and gathering can testify to it. However it makes sense to compare only similar with similar as "the fair" factor from a kind to a kind varies. It is changeable and in time. And one more remark: too high value выплатного factor testifies, as a rule, not to generosity of the company, and about possible financial problems or errors in calculation of tariffs.

Scoop blue a parachute! So those who loves the sky speak.

Financiers speak - let money pours and pours!

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